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How Much Information Is Too Much for Kids and Dental Procedures?

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
How Much Information Is Too Much for Kids and Dental Procedures?Being honest with your kids is an admirable stance to take; however, there are times when too much information can cause problems for you, them, and any third parties involved (like your dentist).

We specialize in treating kids, and we are very good at pediatric dentistry and all the wrinkles that come with it. However, we think there are times when it may be easier to withhold some information from your child.

Strategically Withholding Information
We are not suggesting that you lie to your child. Rather, we have noticed in our experience that there are times when withholding some information makes life better for everyone.

A great illustration of this is getting a filling. When you bring your child in to get a filling, we numb the area, give him or her a shot, and use a dental drill to remove any affected parts of the tooth before fabricating and installing the filling.

In such a case, actually telling the child that we will be drilling a hole in his or her tooth can result in significant emotional trauma. The child doesn't understand that there will be no pain; the only thing the child thinks of is the drill going into his or her tooth.

In this situation, it may be best to simply tell the child that we are going to work on his or her tooth. There's no need to lie; just to selectively withhold information. The exact details of how the procedure will be carried out are usually better left unsaid, at least when the patient is a small child prone to fear and excitability.

We Are Here to Help

We want you to know that the health and happiness of your child is very important to us, which is why we specialize in pediatric dentistry. If you have any questions about how to explain a procedure in a manner that won't be too frightening, feel free to contact us.
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