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Dangers That Come with Kids Swallowing Too Much Toothpaste

Posted on 6/25/2018 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
Swallowing Toothpaste Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Pediatric and Endodontic Dentistry CA 95945-7224As a parent, it's good to be aware of what your children are putting into their bodies, even if it's unintentional. One of the most common calls we receive from concerned parents is ""What if my child swallows the toothpaste when they're learning to brush?"" Very valid question!

It's tricky trying to teach a toddler how to spit toothpaste and more often than not, even when they do spit, they've swallowed some of the toothpaste first. Not to worry. We're going to look at a few common scenarios today and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Swallowing Toothpaste - How Much is Too Much?

Most toothpastes are formulated with fluoride, an abrasive for getting your teeth shiny, and soap. These three combined help prevent decay, keep the tooth enamel strong and inhibit the growth of bacteria in our mouths.

Too much fluoride in the stomach can cause minor stomach irritation that may include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Because of this, we suggest that your child only gets a small smear of toothpaste on his or her toothbrush until you can be certain that they are spitting the paste out.

Unless you catch your child sucking the toothpaste out of the tube (which, as parents ourselves, we understand how these things can, and do, happen from time to time) there is nothing to worry about other than the possibility of a mild stomach ache.

A small snack or something to drink that contains calcium can help prevent any stomach ache that your child would get from potentially swallowing a little too much toothpaste.

If you're concerned that your child has ingested more toothpaste than normal, please call poison control.

Great oral hygiene habits start with early practice and trips to the dentist to make sure everything is going well. Give us a call any time you have questions or concerns about your child's dental habits, we look forward to partnering with you to provide a healthy life for your child!
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