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Can Cavities in Baby Teeth Be Ignored

Posted on 5/25/2018 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
Cavities Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Pediatric and Endodontic Dentistry CA 95945-7224Everyone knows that a child is going to lose their baby teeth at some point. Many children look forward to the visits from the tooth fairy when they do lose a tooth. Just because these are not the permanent teeth for a person, does that mean that a child should not take care of them.

They want them to fall out, but they do not want them to fall out because they are rotten. If a child gets a cavity in their baby teeth, they need to know what to do about it.

How Cavities Happen

Most people think that cavities are the cause of poor dental hygiene and in many ways they are right. But if a toddler or young child gets a cavity in their baby teeth, it is not so easy to blame them for not doing the right things. There are a few reasons that cavities form in children.

•  Bottles - babies and toddlers that fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth are at a great risk for a cavity in their baby teeth. The sugar from milk or juice gets on the teeth while they sleep and leads to cavities.
•  Diet - Children that drink lots of soda or fruit drinks high in sugar and acids are prone to cavities.
•  Bad Habits - Children need to learn how to properly brush and floss their teeth. They should brush their teeth after every meal. That is how cavities form.

What Happens if Ignored
Ignoring cavities in baby teeth rarely leads to a good outcome. Several things can happen if nothing is done.

•  Pain - Cavities can hurt, and the pain gets worse the bigger the cavity is. If parents ignore the cavity, the child will suffer.
•  Cavities form in permanent teeth - It is possible that the cavity in the baby teeth will cause a cavity in the permanent teeth when they come in.
•  Abscess and Infection - The longer a cavity goes untreated the worse it can get. An abscess can form and the infection from the abscess can spread.

The good news is our pediatric dentists know different ways to treat the cavities in baby teeth. they can find ways to prevent the problems without causing any pain. For more information about what to do when a cavity forms in the baby teeth, give our office a call.
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