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Should Your Child Watch You Floss?

Posted on 12/20/2017 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
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The simple answer is yes. Flossing is a great dental habit to start as early as possible. One of the best ways to encourage your children to floss is to have them watch you do it.

That will be a great family habit to make and is a great bonding time for you and your little ones. The best sequence for a great dental routine is to floss first, and then brushing your teeth, and finally finishing it all with a good rinse with a great mouthwash.

How Should I Do My Dental Routine?

First off, you should designate a proper time to do your dental routine. What is recommended is once in the morning and once in the evening, basically after waking up and before going to sleep. It would be good if you had breakfast or dinner first and a little time to rest your mouth, but a little flossing after eating can do wonders for your dental health.

However, if your child still has large gaps or spaces between their teeth, it might be better to postpone flossing for quite some time. If your child is between two to six years old, you may need to help them floss. Most people floss in a sawing motion, which is something that is not very efficient. This sawing motion can actually irritate the gums.

This front to back motion can also make the gaps wider, which in the long run can widen the gaps, which allows more plaque and food remnants get stuck. The best way to floss is actually in an up and down motion. That way the plaque buried in the edges can be taken efficiently. It will also lessen the risk of making the gap between teeth wider.

By the age of 10, a child should be able to floss by himself or herself. That is why by having your children look at you floss when they are four to six years old, you are helping them get the right habit of flossing and doing it properly. You can schedule an appointment with us and we will have a good talk with your child and give them great dental habits.

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