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What Happens After a Root Canal?

Posted on 5/20/2017 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
A elderly woman receiving a root canal.
After you get a root canal, what happens next? Do you simply get up from the dentist's chair and go home without a root in your tooth? Well, not exactly.

When the root is removed from your tooth, your tooth is then filled in to protect it and to help replace the structural integrity of the tooth. Then you get a crown put on top to help the tooth look and feel like the tooth never had an issue with it.

After a Root Canal, Make Sure You Know What to Expect

Following your root canal, your dentist is going to pack the empty inside of your tooth to help protect the tooth from additional infection, decay, and any further problems that may arise.

A filling will be used to fill the main portion of the tooth, and a crown will be placed over the top of that. You will likely only have minimal pain following a root canal, and it can usually be kept under wraps with over the counter medication.

After a week or two, all of the pain and subsequent discomfort will be gone, and your tooth will feel as though nothing happened. Your dentist will continue to check the tooth to make sure it is healthy at each checkup, because at this point, you wouldn't feel any type of pain if another infection were to come up in that tooth since there is no root. However, because the tooth is so packed full, that is highly unlikely.

Contact our office prior to getting a root canal, about how to prepare for the aftermath of the procedure. The more you know going into it, the better you are going to be when all is said and done. Your dentist is going to be able to answer questions best, since they can see the tooth in question.

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