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Options if Your Child Loses a Permanent Tooth at an Early Age

Posted on 4/30/2017 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
A young boy suffering from a lost permanent tooth.
You expect your children to lose their baby teeth; you never expect them to lose one of their permanent teeth. But it does happen. Sometimes your child falls and a tooth falls out.

Sometimes one gets knocked out when playing sports. These things happen, but it will be okay. There are options should a permanent tooth come out.

If your child loses a whole tooth, don't panic. First, find the tooth. Pick it up by the top. Don't touch the root. Rinse it off with water. Even if it's dirty, don't scrub it. You run the risk of damaging the root. Make an appointment with your child's dentist. If you feel comfortable, try to place the tooth back in yourself. Otherwise, preserve the tooth in a jar of milk until you can get to the dentist. If the tooth can be saved, the dentist will reattach it.

Transitional Partial Denture

If the tooth cannot be saved, a transitional partial denture can be used. This is an acrylic device that is supported by the surrounding teeth. A temporary false tooth is placed in it. As your child's mouth grows and develops, the false tooth can be exchanged for another one.

If your child has braces, a false tooth can be used as well. Your child's dental specialist can attach one to the bracket where the tooth would be.

Don't Do Anything Permanent
At least not until your child is fully grown. A dental implant is a great option to replace a lost tooth, but this should not be a consideration until your child reaches his or her late teens or early twenties. Up until that point, your child's jaw is still growing. An implant can have a severe impact on your child's mouth, impeding the growth of his or her jaw.

If your child loses a permanent tooth at a young age, don't panic. Contact our office right away and discuss what can be done to their smile.

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