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Simple Ways of Helping Children with Teething Pain

Posted on 3/30/2017 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
A young girl sad from teething pain.
Teething is often something people only assimilate with infants, but the pain of teething can bother kids through elementary school.

Instead of just trying to put a numbing gel on the area or giving them medications, there are a few other options that can work for children of varying ages. Here are a few simple options parents have when they want to relieve some of the pain from teething.

Ways to Take the Pain of Teething Down a Notch

For littler ones, using part of a washcloth can help. Dip only a small portion of the washcloth in water, then freeze it. You want some sections that aren't frozen so they have an area to hold on to. They can then chew on the cold, textured part and get a bit of relief.

For children of all ages, distraction may be all they need to forget about the pain. Head outside and play in the yard. Go over to the park. Spend part of the day walking around a local library or museum. Follow something that your child normally responds to and make a day of it.

A little bit of pressure on the sore area can also help. It allows your child's gums to adjust to what is going on, and can naturally numb the area. You can either hold your finger down gently on the sore spot, or massage back and forth to give them a little bit of relief. Older kids could do it for themselves if they find it comforting.

Teething pain does not have to ruin your child's day. It can be solved quite simply in most cases. Follow your child's cues to determine what is going to be best for them. Just try and wait on the medication if you can, so as not to put anything in your child's body they really don't need.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your child's teething pain.

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